The Brand Academy is a custom designed branding program taught by Steven and Jane Cox of Cause+Affect, one of Vancouver’s leading branding agencies.



Whether to improve their bottom line, influence societal change or both, our clients benefit from our ability to help them craft a brand that engages an audience that matters.

The Brand Academy, a subsidiary of Cause+Affect, is designed specifically to help start-ups, small business owners and social venturers create more profitable and high impact ventures through well considered and managed branding.

The program allows participants to engage the brand services of Cause+Affect within a guided group format that aligns more appropriately with their stage and size.


The Brand Foundation is a 5 week course where participants are guided through an intensive creative process to gain understanding and knowledge in creating a successful brand. Graduates will understand what makes their brand unique and will have developed the strategy and tools to build a solid relationship with their target audience.

Graduates will complete the course with a guideline to;

  • clearly understand their brand
  • identify the needs and wants of their target audience
  • articulate what their brand should look like
  • define their brand personality and brand story
  • create brand touch points with consistency
  • direct strategic business decisions


For new business owners
Through our work at Cause+Affect, we have created, what we believe, is a more rewarding branding process for our clients underlined with the idea that a brand is personal and must not only be embodied by its founders; it must be created by them.

We will give you the ability to define not just ‘what you do’, but ‘who you are’, and the tools to evolve your brand and engage your audience.

For existing business owners
We have worked with great clients who have struggled with their brand not engaging the right audience, or not communicating the right message. Significant resources were wasted and the business was unable to move forward and reach its potential.

The brands we have re-positioned have proven how a successful brand brings clarity, efficiency, and impact to everything you do.


Since its founding in 2004, Cause+Affect has become an expert on what drives urban culture. The brands, initiatives and events we have created have allowed us to form a unique connection with its influential creative class.

Jane and Steven Cox, the Principals of Cause+Affect, have become not only invaluable brand consultants to many influential companies but are also two of Vancouver’s leading tastemakers.

The creation of The Brand Academy was a natural evolution of their desire to contribute to the kind of city they love.

For more information, please visit http://causeandaffect.com/about-us/.


To register or find out more information about the Brand Academy, please contact us at
info@causeandaffect.com or 604 608 1366.